Graphic Specs

On the fast-paced trade show floor, you only have seconds to gain your prospect's interest, so first impressions are critical. Often a prospect's only impression of your company is what he or she sees at the show. Let Expo Milwaukee help you design and print graphics and signs that project your company's image with impact, leaving a lasting impression on those who matter most-your future customers.

Acceptable Graphics Formats

Acceptable Media Formats (Mac or PC)

Acceptable Graphic Formats
Adobe PhotoShop CS5 (Preferred): All standard inkjet graphics are printed as TIFF files. Save your flattened file in TIFF format in RGB mode. Photoshop Checklist: RGB mode / Flattened / 100 dpi at full size / TIFF or HI-Res JPG.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 - Illustrator is ideal for creating vector files - required for all vinyl, CNC and fabric jobs. All fonts must be converted to outlines. Illustrator Checklist: RGB Mode / Outline fonts / placed image links, not embedded / send separate image files.

Adobe InDesign CS5: InDesign files can and should be created at final print size. Fonts converted to outlines. InDesign Checklist: RGB Mode / Outline Fonts, Placed image links / separate image file.

Unacceptable File Formats

Call or e-mail us with any of your questions regarding the acceptable graphic file formats we accept.

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